Idesha S. Reese

Idesha is a freelance editor and writer whose love of the written word changed her focus early on from the sciences to writing and she has never looked back. She graduated with honors from Fisk University with a degree in English. As luck would have it, Idesha still found herself in the medical field, but in a hands-off capacity. Previously, Idesha worked as a director of engagement which allowed her to connect her loves of telling a good story and helping people.

In her free time, Idesha is an insatiable reader with daydreams of becoming a masked superhero who saves the written word, one grammar correction at a time. She often offers advice to friends, family and colleagues, some of which is unsolicited, but it is always done with the intent of fostering clear communication. Idesha volunteers her skills and time to nonprofits who value helping people live healthier lives.