The APGAR score assesses the vitality of a newborn.  

In 1952 Dr. Virgina Apgar presented a tool to the medical community that evaluated the need for newborn resuscitation immediately after birth. The scoring system she created assessed five vital life signs one minute after delivery.

As the score was used it grew to include an additional assessment of the same life signs at five minutes after delivery. This additional assessment was added to determine the effectiveness of any medical intervention.  The tool named the APGAR score is used daily in deliveries worldwide. 

The APGAR score provides health information for the newborn at two points in time. It is not, however, a predictive score for medical conditions.  In other words the APGAR score does not predict or diagnose health conditions.  

Medical care is given to the newborn as needed. Typical care includes clearing the airway or giving oxygen to help respiration.  In cases of a slow pulse physical stimulation is administered.  

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