Questions You Might Ask 

Your health care provider can assess your condition and give you the most accurate information. As your situation is assessed ask all of the questions you can think of to help you better understand your condition.  If you think of a question don’t hesitate to ask it.  Feel free to add these questions to the ones you are already thinking of asking.  The goal is always to keep you as informed as possible. 

  • What can be done to find out if the baby is having distress?

  • Please explain what is meant by distress?

  • What are the health risks for the baby?

  • What are the health risks for me?

  • Is this life threatening?

  • Is fetal heart rate monitoring needed?  

  • What type of monitoring is best in this situation?

  • Is an ultrasound necessary?

  • What happens if the monitoring or ultrasound is not normal?

  • Is abnormal monitoring dangerous to the baby’s health?