Heart Rate Monitoring

Fetal heart monitoring can reassure you and your provider that the baby’s heart rate is normal. In the event concerns arise about your baby’s heart rate there are some questions you can ask to get information to help you stay as informed as possible.  

Questions You Might Ask

Your health care provider can assess your condition and give you the most accurate information. As your situation is assessed ask all of the questions you can think of to help you better understand your condition.  If you think of a question don’t hesitate to ask it.  Feel free to add these questions to the ones you are already thinking of asking.  

  • What is fetal heart monitoring?

  • Why is fetal heart monitoring being recommended?

  • How is fetal heart monitoring performed?

  • Based on my condition which type of monitoring is most accurate?

  • Based on my condition which type of monitoring is safest for my baby? For me?

  • In my case how long is monitoring needed?

  • In what ways does the monitoring affect my labor?

  • What are the risks associated with the type of monitoring being recommended?

  • What is a normal monitoring report?

  • What is an abnormal monitoring report?

  • If the report is abnormal what are the next steps?

  • If another medical intervention is needed what would it be?