Hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure, complicates 12-22% of all pregnancies. This complication is also a major contributor to premature birth. Just like with all healthcare awareness, there are important numbers to know and information to learn about hypertension and pregnancy. The important number you and your care provider should closely monitor is […]

Birth plans have been around for over 3 decades. When I began my career in obstetrics I quickly realized how important a tool like the birth plan could become. My experience has taught me that successful use of a birth plan will always include sharing information, open discussion and mutual respect. Over the years I […]

#momshaming is about pushing all moms into one lane by being critical of their behavior. Shaming starts with language intended to judge and criticize. The goal is to stop that mom from being “different” by using words to hurt and punish. This is classic #bullying. This raises two important questions 1) “Different” than what or […]

“I dread when the trading of labor stories starts in a group of moms. I can always count on there being the ‘Natural is the only way’ mom, the ‘I didn’t want to feel a thing’ mom, the ‘I scheduled a c-section’ mom, and me – the ‘I desperately wanted natural childbirth (and had it […]

As a Nurse Midwife, Nina has helped hundreds of women experience beautiful, natural births. She always knew that her own births would be exactly like the peaceful, calm births that she attended. Just to let you in on a little secret: they weren’t. Nina had one difficult vaginal delivery with an epidural followed by an […]