During Pregnancy

All women with any form of hypertension are at increased risk for complications during pregnancy and after delivery.  Hypertension that develops during pregnancy is usually diagnosed as gestational hypertension or preeclampsia. 

Hypertension during pregnancy is not uncommon.  There several things you can do to help yourself stay as healthy as possible during this time. Start with asking your provider questions to learn how pregnancy can affect your condition.  

Question You Might Ask

Your health care provider can assess your condition and give you the most accurate information. As your situation is assessed ask all of the questions you can think of to help you better understand how to best manage hypertension during your pregnancy.  

Discussing your health in detail with your provider can clear up misconceptions and increase confidence that you both share the same understanding of your condition.  Feel free to add these questions to the ones you are already thinking of asking.  

  • Is hypertension during pregnancy life threatening for me or my baby?
  • How does hypertension affect my pregnancy?
  • How does hypertension affect my baby?
  • How does hypertension affect my options for labor?
  • How does hypertension affect my options for delivery?
  • Does having hypertension increase my risk for having a cesarean delivery?
  • What signs should I report to you if I suspect there are changes?
  • What, if any, medications should I take for hypertension?
  • How does this medication affect my baby?
  • How does my diet affect this condition?
  • What risks or complications should I be aware of because of hypertension after my pregnancy?
  • What are the signs that gestational hypertension is not preeclampsia?
  • What can we do to reduce the risk of preeclampsia?
  • Will the hypertension go away after I deliver?
  • Will I get hypertension with my next pregnancy?
  • What signs or symptoms should I look for that indicate I need to seek immediate care due to the hypertension or preeclampsia?
  • What do I need to do to stay as healthy as possible during my pregnancy?

The only bad question is the one you don’t ask.  Create a strong relationship with your provider by discussing all of your concerns and asking all of your questions.