Prior to Pregnancy

Anyone with high blood pressure, whether treated or untreated before becoming pregnant or before the 20th week of gestation is considered chronic hypertensive.  With hypertension comes many questions about wellness and management of the condition.  

If you are planning to become pregnant and have chronic hypertension or support someone who does review this list of questions to find out topics to discuss with your provider.  

Questions You Might Ask

Your health care provider can assess your condition and give you the most accurate information. As your situation is assessed ask all of the questions you can think of to help you better understand how hypertension can affect pregnancy, labor, delivery and your ongoing health.  If you think of a question don’t hesitate to ask it.  Discussing your health in detail with your provider can clear up misconceptions and increase confidence that you both share the same understanding of your condition.  Feel free to add these questions to the ones you are already thinking of asking.  

Remember the only bad question is the one you did not ask.